Release Notes

9.6.3 release notes

  • Add performance optimizations.
  • Add Cloth Twisting example to documentation.
  • Update Chain Mail and Angular Plasticity documentation examples and Start Pose documentation tutorial.

9.6.0 release notes

  • Improve Carbon licensing error messages.
  • Fix bug in Carbon Cloth Chain Mail Cloth Model and add support for quad meshes.
  • Add Cloth Chain Mail example to documentation.

9.5.2 release notes

  • Add Carbon Mesh Tool.
  • Fix issues with Carbon Welding in DOP.
  • Fix crash when using DOP Carbon Simulation’s Caching (beta) feature.

9.5.1 release notes

  • Add Velocity Reducer to Carbon Cloth, Carbon Tetra, and Carbon Morph.
  • Add significant performance optimization.
  • Fix Windows installer issues with paths containing whitespace characters.

9.4.0 release notes

  • Add Velocity import and export to Cloth, Morph, and Tetra.
  • Improve bend algorithm.
  • Improve Windows installer to work with OneDrive.
  • Fix Reference animation bug that was introduced in 9.3.0.

9.3.3 release notes

  • Add Houdini 18.0 support.

9.3.2 release notes

  • Add Carbon Simulation Time Warp parameter and example.

9.3.1 release notes

  • Fix issues with Binding Reference Parent Primitive Group.
  • Update Time Scale documentation.

9.3.0 release notes

  • Fix issues with Simulation Time Scale.

9.2.8 release notes

  • Fix issues with animated DOP Binding Activation.

9.2.7 release notes

  • Documentation updated.

9.2.6 release notes

  • Add NUMERION_FARM_UI_LICENSE environment variable to prevent batch processes from using Carbon UI licenses.

9.2.5 release notes

  • Fix Tetra issues in SOP constraints and goal posing.

9.2.4 release notes

  • Fix crash in Stitching in DOP when invalid Cloth/Tetra objects are specified.

9.2.3 release notes

  • Fix Binding and Welding issues in DOP concerning Standard Cloth.

9.2.2 release notes

  • Fix Binding painted attribute indexation issue.

9.2.1 release notes

  • Fix Binding painted attribute issue.

9.2.0 release notes

  • Add optional selection of primitives for collision to Cloth, Tetra, Collider, Morph.
  • Add Morph point selection to mark Cloth areas.
  • Add Binding and Stitching Reference.
  • Add warning when invalid geometry is used, for example tetrahedral geometry for Cloth.

9.1.3 release notes

  • Fix Carbon Rigid Body support in Carbon Filter in SOP.

9.1.2 release notes

  • Add warning when quad geometry is used with Tailored Cloth model.
  • Add All Downloads section to documentation.
  • Remove release notes for releases before 8.0.0.
  • Small documentation changes.

9.1.1 release notes

  • Significantly improved DOP and SOP performance when geometry is not animated.
  • Update sphinx to 1.7.9.
  • Small documentation changes.

9.1.0 release notes

  • Improved uniformity of tetrahedron mass distribution. Creating potential for higher quality simulation results, but less forgiving with bad tessellation.
  • Change Panic Timer to Panic Time and now apply specified time per subdivision, instead per frame.
  • Fix priorities in SOP Carbon Flow to match DOP Carbon Flow. Always use vdb file when specified.
  • Fix gcc6.3 compatibility.
  • Rework tetra.hip, tetra_sop.hip and tutorial_tetra.hip. Now with correct Tetrahedralization construction.
  • Small documentation changes.

9.0.2 release notes

  • Add Houdini 17 support.
  • Add Cloth Binding example to documentation Examples section.

9.0.1 release notes

  • Fix to ensure deterministic object ordering in the plug-in.
  • Improve documentation.

9.0.0 release notes

  • Add Angular Plasticity to all nodes with bending constraints.
  • New Carbon Welding painted attributes parameters for radius, stiffness, and viscosity (SOP + DOP).
  • Make N-Lattice and Plumage welding attributes paintable.
  • Major change to handling of wrinkle maps (now part of the reference pose).
  • Add tutorials video section to the documentation which points to the Carbon e-learning page.
  • Add examples section to the documentation.
  • Change Morph aerodynamics parameters to Base/Range model.
  • Drastically increase speed of the Carbon Attribute Copy node (up to <1000x faster for complex scenes) and add dropdown menu for easier input attribute selection.
  • Fix Plumage bug when simulating with 0 frames Growth Lead-In and non-animated Scales/Types
  • Improve Plumage and N-Lattice stability.
  • Add ability to use Plumage and N-Lattice in Carbon Filter.
  • Move Wrinkles Limit to Cloth reference parameters.
  • Add Carbon Attribute Names Version 9 Conversion node.
  • Add Animated Geometry checkbox to Collider (DOP).
  • Fix/Add Animated Material and Animated Aerodynamics checkbox to Rigid Body (SOP+DOP) and Rigid Body Array (DOP).
  • Fix image scale ratio issues in Linux documentation.
  • Set DOP Carbon Cloth and Carbon Morph Setup Mode defaults to Advanced.
  • Unifiy Density naming (Segment Density, Face Density and Tetra Density all become Density).
  • Rename Face parameters to Surface parameters.
  • Rename Segment parameters to Stretch parameters.
  • Rename Tetra (compression and extension) parameters to Volume (compression and extension).
  • Rename Drag to Form Drag.
  • Change parameter names of all animated flags from e.g. animDensity to densityAnimated.
  • Change Fatness to Outer Fatness for Cloth and Tetra.
  • Fix issue with animated Cloth aerodynamics parameters.
  • Remove file:/// from node documentation help links. This allows customers to place the documentation on a server.
  • Remove Cloth (DOP) stress attribute export from Standard Cloth mode.
  • Add checkboxes to make Cloth (DOP) stress attribute export optional for Advanced Cloth mode.
  • Add checkboxes to make Tetra (DOP) stress attribute export optional.
  • Update licensing software.
  • Cloth Flat Angles Limit and Seaming Angles Limit are now the same parameter: Flat Angle.

8.6.4 release notes

  • Replace Binding node affectors/affected callbacks by expression values to fix remaining issues caused with saving the node in an OTL file.
  • Add path to documentation examples’ links, so that the files can be found when the link does not work inside of Houdini’s browser.

8.6.3 release notes

  • Fix Binding node backward compatibility script to force affected/affector update when nodes are stored in an otl rather than hip file.
  • Fix Numerion tetra geometry export.

8.6.2 release notes

  • Fix Cloth and Tetra nodes paint maps guide geometry (SOP).
  • Add paintable aerodynamics attributes (drag, skin drag, and lift) to Cloth and Tetra nodes paint maps guide geometry (SOP + DOP).
  • Update Carbon Attribute Copy node reference documentation.
  • Replace component relationship nodes’ icons to make it more obvious that they are internal nodes.
  • Fix winding order method when reloading Numerion geometries.

8.6.1 release notes

  • Fix paintable Tetra aerodynamics (drag, skin drag, and lift) parameters (SOP + DOP).
  • Update drag, skin drag, and lift in Tetra and Cloth reference documentation.

8.6.0 release notes

  • Add paintable Cloth aerodynamics (drag, skin drag, and lift) parameters (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix SOP Binding and Parmfile script for python 2.6.
  • Fix crash in Numerion geometry export.
  • Fix Carbon Tetra double sided collision mode when inner fatness couldn’t be set to 0.

8.5.1 release notes

  • Fix Carbon Override Solver (DOP) broken in 8.5.0.
  • Fix Carbon Flow guide geometry crash (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix Carbon Morph that was using the end of frame pose instead of the end of time-step pose to update the reference geometry (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix unnecessary high anti-aliasing settings in most documentation hip files that caused major slowdown of Houdini.
  • Fix tutorial_pre-override.hip file in Houdini 16.

8.5.0 release notes

  • New Carbon Binding painted attributes parameters for radius, stiffness, and viscosity.
  • Fix the Carbon Binding object selection to be based on valid object names rather than on node names.
  • Add Carbon Binding parameter override to allow individual binding parameters per binding pairs.
  • Add groom mesh parameter for the Carbon N-Lattice node, fixing the Angle Limit in the process.
  • Improve the Carbon N-Lattice scaling.
  • Fix Actor position evaluation to allow the use of one single Carbon Actor node to hold multiple anchorage positions.
  • Add new DOP Carbon Simulation message management system to show the warning messages directly on the Carbon Simulation node.
  • Add Carbon Cloth Start Pose tutorial.

8.4.1 release notes

  • Add new Carbon N-Lattice user guide and fern tutorial.
  • Fix animated N-Lattice/Plumage scales when there is no growth lead-in time specified.

8.4.0 release notes

  • Add new Carbon N-Lattice node for simulating foliage, plumage, hair and other large lattice based geometries.
  • Add soft plumage welding parameters to allow movements away from the shaft and reduce feathers’ jitter when the rigid shaft is over-constraining the feather.
  • Fix soft plumage properties updates when the feather type attribute on the groom is animated.
  • Fix feathers’ mass distribution.
  • Fix animated plumage springs.
  • Fix animated plumage angles when there is no swing lead-in time specified.
  • Fix plumage growth so that the feathers’ scale doesn’t stay at the minimum scale for several frames.
  • Minor performance improvement during the plumage initializations.

8.3.1 release notes

  • Add new tutorial to demonstrate the new Carbon Override feature.

8.3.0 release notes

  • Add new Carbon Override solver (DOP) and Carbon Simulation Override node (SOP) to use Carbon simulation in a Houdini multi-solver setup.
  • Fix multiple “running python menu” errors in Carbon constraint nodes caused by a bug in Houdini 16 sending empty menu arguments (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix Carbon SOP solver output packed geometries caching issues where updated simulation geometry would not show correctly in viewport in some situations.

8.2.6 release notes

  • Add new documentation sections: License Check and Troubleshooting.

8.2.5 release notes

  • Add the missing Carbon SOP Simulation packed geometry output normals recalculation that is not done automatically in Houdini 16.0.
  • Fix the tutorials_avatar_sop example and the anisotropy userguide hip files to work in Houdini 16.0.
  • Fix the Linux installer to run with a potentially missing python2.6libs path as found from Houdini 16.0 installs.
  • Fix the Carbon SOP Simulation debug output time calculations and message.

8.2.4 release notes

  • Add Houdini 16.0 support.

8.2.3 release notes

  • Fix crash when using bypass on SOP simulation nodes.

8.2.2 release notes

  • Fix feather point reordering issue in hard plumages.
  • Remove unnecessary warnings when feather2 and feather3 geometries are not specified.
  • Fix the driving mesh in the Carbon Binding component node when a second affector is specified by mistake (DOP).

8.2.1 release notes

  • Improve the Linux installer script to allow the use of ~ in the paths.
  • Fix the Linux installer script where some random responses were accepted as a yes.

8.2.0 release notes

  • Add Linux installer script to facilitate and guide the installation on Linux platforms.

8.1.11 release notes

  • Fix the Carbon Plumage Mesh HDA tangent calculations that was giving the wrong orientation once an animated surface was specified.

8.1.10 release notes

  • Fix the Carbon Plumage Processor node that wasn’t clearing the existing geometry when used with an animated groom, causing the Carbon Plumage Mesh node to fail.

8.1.9 release notes

  • Fix crash that happened when switching on the Collider Collision Analysis geometry guide using a collider with no filtering gap.
  • Change default value to off for the Collider’s Self-Analysis toggle.

8.1.8 release notes

  • Fix animated goal pose that was using the Animated Geometry flag instead of the Animated Goal Pose one.

8.1.7 release notes

  • Fix Tetra/Cloth and Tetra/Tetra Binding.
  • Fix Collider node license information.

8.1.6 release notes

  • Improve license information in all Carbon nodes HDAs.

8.1.5 release notes

  • Update license display information in DOP and SOP Carbon Simulation HDAs.

8.1.4 release notes

  • Fix Parameter File messages to not do any UI import in batch mode.
  • Fix few more python 2.6 support issues.

8.1.3 release notes

  • Fix HDA scripts tabulation errors that appeared with python 2.6 support.
  • Fix crash on empty group constraints and on empty simulation objects created by new scene initializations code in 8.1.2 (SOP + DOP).

8.1.2 release notes

  • Add missing python 2.6 support.
  • Fix Avatar tutorial normals (SOP).
  • Add missing scene initializations introduced in 8.1.0 (SOP + DOP).

8.1.1 release notes

  • Fix Rigid Body activation problem introduced in 8.1.0 (SOP).
  • Fix activation initializations (mainly missing on the Morph) introduced in 8.1.0 (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix Collider crash when using meshes that are not consolidated. This Carbon bug was introduced in 8.0.1 when moving to Carbon 5.0. (SOP + DOP).
  • Fix crash in goal pose geometry guide when no goal pose is specified.
  • Fix the goal pose rigged and skinned tutorial by using cache workaround (Houdini graph evaluation bug introduced in 14.0).
  • Remove Actor warning message when no geometry is specified, since Actors can have no geometry attached.

8.1.0 release notes

  • Improve activation system to allow deactivation on init frame and a more consistent behavior.
  • Update Binding, Seaming, Draping, Stitching, Welding constraints to allow animated parameters (SOP + DOP).
  • Update Binding, Seaming, Draping, Stitching, Welding constraints to allow reset of reference at any time (SOP + DOP).
  • Allow SOP Simulation up to current frame behavior.
  • Add SOP Simulation missing guide geometries.
  • Add SOP nodes help URLs.
  • Fix broken goal pose rigged and skinned tutorial.
  • Fix winding order in Carbon geometry export.

8.0.1 release notes

  • Add soft (Cloth or Tetra) / soft Binding and Actor Welding.
  • Update docs for SOP simulation.

8.0.0 release notes

  • Add SOP Carbon Simulation and a SOP version of a subset of the DOP nodes: Cloth, Collider, Morph, Tetra, Rigid Body, Binding, Seaming, Stitching, Welding.